Parent Education Survey

Parent Education Summit 2001 Survey 
1. Did you attend last year's conference?                        54.2% Yes             45.8% No
2. Are you planning on attending this year's?                87.0% Yes               13.0% No

If not, why?

  • Depends on work assignment for the year but I do hope to attend, it's on my schedule already.
  •  I am not sure I can make it.
  • Unsure of plans at this time •
  • BUSY!

3. Below is a list of topics participants generated from last years summit that they would like to see included this year. Please select the 3 topics below that are of greatest interest to you.
     45.8%  Emotional regulation in children
     45.8%  Teaching Parent Education in Ways that Engage and Reach Parents
     37.5%  How to engage "difficult" participants in parent education
     33.3%  Empathy Development in Children
     29.2%  Bonding and attachment
     25.0%  Teaching Tricks and Tips
     20.8%  Anger management
     20.8%  Brain development
     20.8%  Parent Education Curricula and models that have been effective 
8.3%  Discipline
     8.3%  Parent-Child Relationships
     4.2%  Other

Please add additional ideas in the comment box. 
         Interrupting generational patterns of neglect
         Working with children with special needs. or that are suspected of having needs.
         l. Promotion of healthy relationships between caregivers and children.
         2.Understanding young children's behavior.
         best practice guidelines; finding funding

4. What is the most important reason for you to attend the parent education summit?
     37.5%  Learning new tips for delivery of parent education
     33.3%  Networking with other parent educators
     12.5%  Finding out about curricula in use
      8.3%  Identifying and learning about other programs in our county
      4.2%  Hearing a keynote speaker
      4.2%  Other: 

5. Do you have any recommendations for a keynote speaker or keynote topic?
         Raymond Reyes; Topic: Education and Diversity
         UW Parenting Clinic staff, i.e., Carolyn Webster-Strafton (206) 543-21 00 or 543-601 0;
         Erickson from Minnesota Topic: Prevention of conduct problems in children; pros and cons of multiple "helper'/agencies
         Fiona, Sent them on my Email. Chris

6. What subjects would you like the breakout sessions to focus on?

  • Ways to teach and reach with parent education
  • interrupting generational patterns of neglect
  • It might be good to focus on helping parents develop routines, which get them and their children ready for the school years, which arrive so quickly.
  • How to effectively coordinate service delivery to the client (parent or child) so as to reduce mixed "directives/advice/education" which might undermine client(parent or child) in the long run.
  • children with special needs
  • Bringing parents in for parent education and retention of them
  • Actually it would depend on the keynote speaker. I would like the breakout sessions as a way of reflecting on the keynote speaker's talk. Ideas on how to implement suggestions from the keynote speaker, etc.
  • How to best reach the targeted group of parents that need help.
  • Reflective observation; sign with your Baby
  • See above
  • Parent Ed tips. How to make it interesting and not sound like you are trying to be the expert on child rearing. How to encourage more parents to be more involved in their child's education.
  • I would like some "ice breaker" type ideas for P.E. meetings


7. Would you be interested in presenting a breakout session?     26.3% Yes         73.7% No                           
What topic would you want to present?

  • Empathy Development
  • School/home partnerships,
  • FEAIFEA drug exposed children in care settings
  • Living with ADD/ADHD children
  • Divorce support for children
  • Effective, "no-more-anger'' discipline/limit setting
  • Depends on what participants want  
  • Perhaps, let talk, thanks
  • Many mental health topics

8. Can you recommend anyone else that you know to present or facilitate a workshop'.? Please list their name and number.

  • Marian Birch: Bonding,
  • Mark Gray: Working with Labled Children(ADD/ADHD,OD,CD) etc. The Meaning of Play
  • Diane Johnson, PhD (; (360) 379-8821

9. What age group do you focus on in your professional parent education work?

              56.5%        0-5                     
              26.1%       6-10                      
              17.4%      11-17

1 0. What other suggestions or comments do you have to make this Summit better for you?

  • Have comfortable spaces for people to meet, that are easy to locate.
  • I was happy with the summit this last yr.
  • No suggestions at this time. In response to 9. above: I do parent ed for all three age groups but couldn't figure out how to put dots in each area.
  • How to keep children with behavioral problem, related to their parent's inability to parent, in school?
  • More time in workshops and less time with intros would be great--although it is important to know who's who!

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