• Prevention Works!
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  • Prevention Works!
  • Prevention Works!
  • Prevention Works!
  • Increase Parenting Support for Families with Young Children

  • Promote Youth Academic Success

  • Identify Young Children with Mental, Emotional or Behavioral Problems and Provide Support

  • Reduce Violent and Aggressive Behavior by and to Youth

  • Increase Parenting Support for Families with Young Children

Now Hiring: Independent Contractor for Preventions Works!


The Preventions Works! Board is seeking a part–time, independent contractor with the following qualifications:

  • prefer at least a bachelor’s degree

  • computer literacy

  • experience with fundraising

  • experience with successful grant writing

  • experience overseeing contracts

  • experience with family and children’s’ programs

  • experience with volunteerism in the community

  • excellent writing, speaking and computer skills needed



The Independent Contractor of Prevention Works! will be under the oversight of the Executive Committee of the Prevention Works! Board

Priority work shall be to:

Learn the history of Prevention Works! and be conversant to the public about it

Attend meetings of PW! Committees

Coordinate trainings sponsored by Prevention Works! with Jennifer Charles

As directed by the board of Prevention Works!:

  • Write requests for proposals

  • Generate contracts

  • Research and write grants

  • Oversee selected grants

  • Coordinate fundraising efforts

The Contractor shall meet bi- monthly with the Executive Committee to review the work to be accomplished and review tasks accomplished.

Send monthly Coordinator’s Report before each Board Meeting, meet with the Board of

Directors at their monthly meetings, keep the minutes from all Board Meeting

If time allows the contractor will also:

Assist in implementation of the Five Year Prevention Plan for Clallam County

Assist with website content and updates

Guide public relations for Prevention Works! and give public presentations

Other duties as assigned by the PW Board


For services rendered, Prevention Works! shall compensate the Contractor at $25 per hour.

Payments for completed tasks shall be made no more frequently than monthly.

Each request for payment shall be supported by an invoice specifying the following: number of hours worked; completed tasks for which compensation is sought and payment requested.

The average number of hours shall not typically exceed 20 hours per week. The maximum compensation for this contract shall be $22,800.

Hours may be increased and the budgeted amount changed with mutual agreement and a contract amendment.


Send resume and cover letter to P.O. Box 1913, Port Angeles, WA, 98362 For more information about Prevention Works!, visit www.preventionworkscc.org. Position open until filled.