Prevention Works! advocates, educates and invests in our children. Through prevention efforts, we work to end child abuse and neglect, substance abuse and violence.

Bullying Reduction and Violence Elimination (BRAVE)

The Bullying Reduction and Violence Elimination (BRAVE) Task Force works to reduce violence and aggressive behaviors by children and youth through development of both school and community programs.  BRAVE examines the problems and solutions for bullying in schools; aims to eliminate racism, discrimination and resulting problems of behavior in children and youth through discussion and education with youth and families; works to keep youth safe and respectful in our digital times; and supports community efforts and awareness of the effects and costs of violence to community life.  

BRAVE partnered with the Quillayute Valley School District in Forks to bring the Olweus System for anti-bullying to their schools.  The Olweus System envelopes students, families, ALL staff, faculty, part-time staff, and administrators in the whole picture of anti-bullying on a cognitive, emotional, and behavioral level.  BRAVE also funded a team members to become an Olweus trainer.  Our goal was to have a local trainer/supervisor who was available to work in the Clallam County school districts

In November, 2016 BRAVE brought Darren Laur, The White Hatter, to the Sequim and Crescent School Districts to present a session on social media safety, cyber bullying, and digital citizenship.  Over 1600 students heard his powerful presentation.  He also presented an evening session for parents and community members that included information on how to protect our young people on-line and help them navigate their digital world.


  • Continue to work with the school districts of Clallam County to encourage them to consider and then bring the Olweus System to their campuses to achieve the reduction of bullying and elimination of violence between peers on school campuses.
  • Develop capacity to bring Mr. Laur's Digital Citizenship workshops to every middle and high school in Clallam County.
  • Continue to work on a Social Norming Campaign to reduce bullying and eliminate violence between peers.
  • Continue to collaborate with our schools and social service agencies in the delivery of projects, classes and programs related to the reduction of bullying and violence in and among our youth