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Prevention Works!
Prevention Works!

Mission: Prevention Works! is a coalition that promotes positive childhoods in Clallam County.

April 16, 2019


The Clallam County Court Appointed Special Advocacy Program (CASA) will be having evening classes for our CORE training starting May 2nd, 6th, 9th, 13th, 16th and 20th from 5-9pm. Food will be provided.
CASA provides advocacy for the most vulnerable children in our community. Clallam County currently has around 215 children in foster care and they are all in need of a voice in court. Speak up for a child, become a CASA volunteer. For more information and an application please call 360-565-2621

Haze Mabry has found a way to be happy where he is. He isn’t postponing the good feeling of love and caring for a day in his life that looks perfect. Rather he is engaged in what he has turned into, a profoundly meaningful and purposeful work life, being a janitor in an elementary school. Simply put, he is a very important part of the day for hundreds of little children who feel they can come to him with a problem, ask for a hug, a high five or a little love. Haze Mabry can see and create meaning and purpose in the life he has. He is not on a constant search for some elusive happiness that is “out there”, he is finding it where he is standing, he is the one bringing the meaning. He is creating his own happiness.

Identifying Infants at Risk of Adverse Outcomes Using Administrative Data: Findings from Washington State

Feb 2019 | Online Library
This report summarizes a set of predictive models which used administrative data available at birth to predict adverse outcomes for children on Medicaid. The three outcomes of interest were: 1) infant mortality, 2) Child Protective Services involvement before age four, and 3) developmental disorder diagnosis before age four. The findings demonstrate the utility of combining birth certificate information and other state administrative data about maternal and child factors such as low birth weight, maternal child welfare involvement, and number of previous births to identify infants that are most at risk of adverse outcomes.

The Impact of Mental Health Court on Recidivism and Other Key Outcomes

Dec 2018 | Online Library

This report presents result s from a study examining outcomes for participants of the King County District Court Regional Mental Health court. The therapeutic court aims to reduce recidivism and improve community safety by facilitating behavioral health treatment for individuals with a mental disorder who are involved in the criminal justice system. Over a one year period, the mental health court significantly improved outcomes for participants across multiple domains. Mental health court participants had significantly lower rates of re-offending and psychiatric hospitalization, and fewer incarceration days and emergency department visits, relative to a matched comparison group.
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