PW! Update 8-27-2019

Prevention Works!
Prevention Works!
Mission: Prevention Works! is a coalition that promotes positive childhoods in Clallam County 

PW! Update 8-27-2019


Clallam Resilience Project and United Way are seeking applications from local community organizations who are interested in the journey to become more trauma sensitive for new Collaborative Learning Academy. The project's mission is to build resilience through fostering trauma-sensitive care and expand the understanding of NEAR sciences for the benefit of everyone in Clallam County. In partnership with the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe and Molina Healthcare, we are offering a free 6-month Collaborative Learning Academy for 6-10 local agencies based on the stated needs of our community . 
Questions about the Application , application deadline, and related issues should be directed to Minnie Whalen with the Clallam Resilience Project at the United Way of Clallam County, or at 360-457-3011. 
Application due: September 2, 2019 at 5pm


Today - August 27th
Save the Date​

ECE Webinar

High-quality early childhood education (ECE) has an enormous positive impact on lifelong health, serving as a protective factor against adult disease and disability. Children who receive high-quality ECE stay in school longer and earn more income as adults, helping to close the income inequality gap. Yet parents sometimes struggle to access or pay for available programs, and only about 16% of children who were eligible for federal childcare subsidies in 2015 received them. Given the high value of early childhood education, why is there still so much need, and what is being done to move the ball forward? This webinar will explore:
-The evidence demonstrating the impact of high-quality early childhood education on health outcomes
-State challenges and proposed solutions for managing and funding early childhood programs
-Public-private partnerships supporting and amplifying early childhood initiatives
Free to register:


Healthy Moms Healthy Babies - Moving Care Upstream - “Mental health disorders are very common during the perinatal period, the time from conception until one year after the baby’s birth,” says Amritha Bhat, MBBS, M.D., MPH, UW assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. “One in seven women battles depression during this time. But only 20 percent of the women who need help get the help they need. In an ideal world,” Bhat says, “I would hope that every mom who is struggling with emotional difficulty — not only those with a diagnosed mental health disorder — would get the support that she needs. That would be great, wouldn’t it?”
The Perinatal Psychiatry Consultation Line is just one part of a broader initiative for the UW Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences: diagnosing and providing effective behavioral health care as early as possible. The department’s shorthand for this effort is called moving mental health care upstream. Perinatal Psychiatry Consultation Line
For healthcare staff in Washington state 206.685.2924                                Monday to Friday, 3 to 5 p.m. (Extended hours expected starting January 2019)

Breakdown in Child Care

A world-class workforce begins with a world-class education system. In today's economy, an unprecedented number of young children are in paid childcare for a substantial portion of their early years. And while childcare is a necessary support for the workforce of today (working parents), it also has a critical impact on children (the workforce of tomorrow) during the most consequential phase of human development.
The path to that education starts with a solid foundation constructed in the first years of life. Investments in high-quality early childhood education and care support our current workforce (working parents) and strengthen business today while building the workforce we'll depend on tomorrow and for decades to come.

We at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation believe that for American business, advancing high-quality childcare is a winning proposition. It's a wise investment in America's future, strengthening business today while building the workforce we'll depend on tomorrow and for decades to come. Our goal is to educate and encourage business to make this wise investment.
If you are interested in becoming involved with or sponsoring our work, please contact 

Nature Prescription
Program elevates patients’ health by encouraging any contact with the outdoors Shared on Gov. Inslee's page. Before Dr. Laura Fox writes out a park prescription — yes, you read that right — she discusses the patient’s health and locates parks close to the patient’s chosen address. She asks whether patients prefer parks on their homebound commute, near home or near work. Do they plan to visit the park with children or dogs? Do they need paved trails? Then she texts, emails or prints out their park prescriptions. The system even allows her to send weekly reminders by email or text. Her patients at Bellingham Bay Family Medicine have responded well. “They’ve never heard of a prescription like this before,” Fox said. “They’re surprised at first but then they see me pull up park options on my computer and they say, ‘Oh, that’s great!’” About 70 percent of the time, Fox writes out a ‘parkscripton’ to help patient manage their physical health, such as weight loss goals, high blood pressure or diabetes. She also uses the program for younger patients who may not experience direct health issues but could benefit from being unplugged from a tablet or phone.
Read the rest of the story on the governor's
 Medium page. Note you will be asked to register. Looks like there are good articles,

Physician's Guide
PODCAST: Physician's Guide to Trauma-Informed Healthcare Approaches []
I was honored to be a guest on the podcast, Physician's Guide to Doctoring and enjoyed my interview with Dr. Bradley Block. The Podcast is free and available on all audio platforms including Apply, Spotify, Stitcher, etc. Please share.
Intergenerational Impacts of Family Violence - Mothers and Children in a Large Prospective Pregnancy Cohort Study
Violence and other adversities commonly co-occur, yet are usually investigated individually. The primary objectives of this paper are to investigate: (i) the relationship between maternal exposure to violence (including childhood abuse and intimate partner violence) and postpartum mental and physical health; and (ii) the extent to which exposure to violence and poor maternal mental and physical health are associated with children's emotional-behavioral difficulties.

How Cities Can Integrate Nature to Improve Mental Health []
A growing body of research has shown the significant benefits of natural settings on human cognition and mental health. But until now, it has been difficult to quantify these benefits in a useful manner for cities that want to integrate nature into their design.


Kid's Kampus Preschool &Daycare Center
1010 East Front St. Port Angeles
Several positions available call for information 

Lower Elwha Tribe
Child Care
Lead Pre-School Age Teacher Position 
Early Learning
Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant 
Early Education Coach
Early Head Start 
Floating Teacher Aide
Supervising Lead Teacher
Teacher Aid
Head Start
Floating Teacher Aide
Part Time Shadow Teacher
Shadow Teacher 
Substitute Janitor
Substitute Kitchen Assistant
Substitute Teacher Aide 
K-6 Academic Support Specialist

The United Way of Clallam County/Prevention Works! Mini-Grant!! To fund events in Clallam County to raise awareness, knowledge, and practices related to ACEs and N.E.A.R. sciences. This grant is open until March 31, 2020 and will fund six to twelve mini-grants in the amount of $500 to $1,000. These funds will be available for non-profit organizations and Tribes throughout Clallam County that are organizing community-wide educational programs focused on ACEs. A full description and application can be found at

Please consider applying for this grant we are actively seeking applications from Sequim, Crescent, Forks, Clallam Bay​ and Tribal applications.
If you have something you'd like us to share, please email us at:

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