PW! Update 10-22-2019

Prevention Works!
Prevention Works!
Mission: Prevention Works! is a coalition that promotes positive childhoods in Clallam County 

PW! Update 10-22-2019


It has been suggested that we add another section to this newsletter:
RECOMMENDED WEBSITES! If you find websites that you believe would be of interest to our readers, please send them to The two we will feature this week are recommended by Mary Wegmann PhD. Prevention Works current Chairperson. Our focus will be organization websites that address issues and present resources that are associated with our Mission!




Save the Date!!! November 4, 2019 Training Network Leadership: How to collaborate for greater impact! Will be held 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Red Cedar Hall Jamestown. This is presented through Washington NonProfits and will have a cost of $25 per person. More information will be coming!

Save the Date!!! "Trickle Up Training" for Community Leaders to join United Way Board of Directors for a luncheon to learn about NEAR Science and the Clallam Resilience Project December 10, 2019, 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. at Lower Elwha Klallam Heritage Center. Please RSVP to 360-457-3011 or  More information will be coming!


Schools Spotlight Social, Emotional Learning Amid Complex Times []
In a second-grade classroom at New Franklin Elementary School, a warm flurry of compliments.
Seated in a circle, girls praise each other’s dresses and sweatshirts. A boy gives his friend kudos for helping him clean up after an activity the previous week. They all murmur the teacher-advised response — “thank you” — through toothy smiles. It’s a lesson on compliments.

A Free Course for Health Care Professionals:
Help Your Patients Hack Their Brains for Better Health

A video course on evidence-based behavioral interventions you can use today.

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris (podcast) October 10, 2019
Nadine Burke Harris is an American pediatrician who is the 1st and current Surgeon General of California. She is known for her work in adverse childhood experiences. Nadine visits the Armchair Expert to discuss the impact childhood trauma has on health and longevity, she talks about her own experience with childhood adversity and she gives tools to buffer those who have many ACEs. Nadine talks about the screening process she pioneered and Dax wonders if parents will ever be truthful in admitting their contribution to childhood trauma. The two talk about the study that first led to ACE research, they discuss how awareness leads to shame reduction and Monica and Dax are in awe of Nadine's uniphile status.

Positive Relationships Can Buffer Childhood Trauma and Toxic Stress, Researchers Say []
A growing body of research suggests sustained, positive relationships with caring adults can help mitigate the harmful effects of childhood trauma. And specialists say pediatricians, social workers, and others who work with kids should take steps to monitor and encourage those healthy relationships — just as they’re careful to screen for abuse and neglect.

Health Equity: What We Can Learn From The World []
Solutions from abroad can inspire action for health equity in the United States. When it comes to advancing health equity, good ideas have no borders.

ACEs Community Spotlight Series: Dr. Richard Honigman, Central Nassau Pediatrics []
For our second community spotlight interview, I spoke with Dr. Richard Honigman, a pediatrician at Central Nassau Pediatrics in Levittown and infant mental health advocate. We discussed the importance of addressing childhood adversity and the relevant work he is doing both inside and outside his practice.

Foster Homes
Licensed Foster Homes
Who Cares: A National Count of Foster Homes and Families 
Who Cares is the nation’s first public resource on foster care capacity. The Chronicle of Social Change collects data directly from each state, and combines that with specially obtained federal reports to shed light on two critical questions:
How many kids are in foster care today? And where are they living?


Bringing Awareness of ADHD and Learning Disabilities to Families
During October, which is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month, the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) is working with Understood to increase awareness of ADHD and learning disabilities. Understood offers resources for families including personal stories from individuals, simulations and videos to improve understanding of kids who learn and think differently. Learn more at, and on with articles that include "Understanding ADHD: Information for Parents."

Events on
             Chat With an ExpertExpert 
             Mon Oct 28 at 12:00pm ET
             How to Help When Your Child Struggles With Reading with Bob Cunningham, EdM


Peninsula College Will be opening two Toddler Rooms!!!
Peninsula College is seeking to fill 2 positions for Early Childhood Program Specialist 3. The Early Childhood Program Specialist is responsible for implementing the educational curriculum and general operation of the Early Childhood Development Center/ child care/ toddler program for children from 12 to 36 months of age in accordance with local, state, and federal laws.

The Specialist is responsible for assigning tasks to ECE Students, observing their interactions with children, and evaluating the performance of all ECE Students who utilize the Early Childhood Development Center as an Early Childhood Education Laboratory.  The Specialist, together with the Early Childhood Education Instructor provides a model environment for students to practice skills necessary in the care of young children.


The United Way of Clallam County and Prevention Works! Mini-Grant
This special grant is being made available to fund events in Clallam County to raise awareness, knowledge, and practices related to ACEs and N.E.A.R. sciences. A full description and application can be found at  Open until March 31, 2020 and will fund six to twelve mini-grants in the amount of $500 to $1,000. These funds will be available for non-profit organizations and Tribes throughout Clallam County with focus on West End and Sequim areas.  These funds have been identified to provide funding assistance to share community-wide educational programs focused on ACEs with professionals, parents, and care providers. 
Please consider applying for this grant we are actively seeking applications from Sequim, Crescent, Forks, Clallam Bay​ and Tribal applications.
If you have something you'd like us to share, please email us at:

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