PW! Update February 2, 2021

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Prevention Works!
Prevention Works!
Mission: Prevention Works! is a coalition that promotes positive childhoods in Clallam County
PW! Update February 2, 2021


Welcome New Officers for PW! Board 

Chair of the Board: Ann Simpson

Chair Elect: Jim Stoffer

Secretary:  Stacie Neff

Treasurer: Jody Jacobsen

Member at Large: Charlotte Penn

Past Chair: Mary Wegmann

If you would like to contact any of the above board members, please send request to

Program Coordinator: Laura Brogden 

Accounts Manager: Jennifer Charles

PW! Update Manager: Tracey Hosselkus (If you have information to share in this weekly newsletter, please email the information to - posters and flyers should be sent in jpg format! 


If you missed our meeting "Families & Children in Clallam County Experiencing Homlessness", you may go to to view the slides that were shown at the meeting:


Our Community Resource LIst compiled from Presenters and Panelists




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2/2: Supporting SEL and Mental Health in a Tiered Framework

Supporting SEL and Mental Health in a Tiered Framework During Covid-19 hosted by the Education Development Center and Panorama on developing and implementing multi-tiered systems of SEL and mental health support on Tuesday, February 2nd at 2pm ET/11am PT. Save your spot. 

2/4: Teacher and Staff Well-Being

A Happy Teacher Revolution: Leveraging Data-Driven Supports for Teacher and Staff Well-Being hosted by Happy Teacher Revolution and Panorama, featuring Salem-Keizer Public Schools on prioritizing the mental health and well-being of teachers and staff on Thursday, February 4th at 1pm ET/10am PT. Save your spot. 

Mindfulness Practice 

Mindfulness Practice sessions offered every Monday at 11am ET. We offer 30 minutes of mindfulness practices to a global community. Open to all! Save your spot.


Friday February 12, 2021 10 a.m. Webinar to Offer Tips to Reduce Sugar Consumption is offering a free webinar for parents: "Scale Back on Sugar: Tips for Choosing Healthy Drinks for Your Kids" on Feb. 12 at noon CT. Host Jennifer Shu, MD, FAAP, will discuss the science behind water intake, the best drinks for kids (and parents, too), how much water kids need at every age, and the downside of sugary drinks. This 30-minute presentation will be followed by a Q&A. Register here

Monday, February 22, 2021 8:30AM - 2PM PT  Panorama's Virtual Summit: Centering Equity and the Whole Child


On Monday, February 22nd, join thousands of caring district leaders and educators for Panorama’s Virtual Summit. This free all-day conference will bring together thought leaders, researchers & practitioners to strengthen the belonging, social-emotional learning, equity, and achievement of students, staff, and school communities. Panorama's Virtual Summit: Centering Equity and the Whole ChildExperience live sessions by renowned speakers like Elena Aguilar and Dr. Tracey Benson, plus a student voice panel and 10+ premium workshops from leading SEL curriculum providers. 

Register to receive live Summit access as well as the ability to view presentation recordings for 30 days following the event.

More information and Register here...

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Register for the Olympic Peninsula Chapter of WAEYC here...



Baby, You Are Born To Play

I really didn’t think it would work. At a RIE Conference several years ago a friend and I were presenting a workshop on infant and toddler play and attempted an audacious experiment. We asked another friend to bring her 15 month old daughter to the event, daring to hope that the baby might give a live demonstration of independent, self-directed play.

At least fifty pairs of eyes were on baby Tess as she sat in her mom’s lap on a large platform raised about a foot off the ground. A few feet away we had created a play area using the kinds of objects recommended by infant specialist Magda Gerber: balls of different sizes and types, empty plastic bottles and jars, a colander, an inflatable beach ring, plastic chains, a baby doll, wooden rings, etc.

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The Top 5 Books for Children Ages 3-5 by Sara Darnell Dec. 23, 2020

Good books for the little ones can be so hard to find! And especially at younger ages, you just want books that can hold your child's attention while still teaching them something of value. We've been asked by TONS of our readers to release a list of the top books for children ages 3-5 and we're SO excited to to finally give you our top 5 books! These books are great for keeping young kids entertained, but still have a lot to teach at the same time! You don't have to worry because these books have AMAZING reviews and have been tried-and-tested by parents everywhere. We hope you and your young readers enjoy each book on this list!

See List here...



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Dr. Nadine Harris shares How Childhood Trauma affects Health Across a Lifetime

Childhood trauma isn’t something you just get over as you grow up. Pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris explains that the repeated stress of abuse, neglect and parents struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues has real, tangible effects on the development of the brain. This unfolds across a lifetime, to the point where those who’ve experienced high levels of trauma are at triple the risk for heart disease and lung cancer. An impassioned plea for pediatric medicine to confront the prevention and treatment of trauma, head-on. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more.

Watch the video here...


How To Discipline A Child That Breaks The Rules And Doesn’t Listen

How To Discipline A Child That Breaks The Rules And Doesn’t Listen

You broke your own rule mama! You used the car as a closet!  Said my daughter beyond excited to have noticed my forgotten coat, wrinkled and abandoned in the freezing cold car.You are right. And I am so glad you noticed and told me. I offered with a smile. I will be sure to take it inside next time. I said to her.

Mom! It’s a no biggie!  Can I have a piggyback ride when we arrive? Oh and I bet you will do better next time.  She added with a silly, silly smile.

As my daughter had playfully explained that my forgotten coat was not a big deal,  I could hear my words coming through.The very words I strive to use when small mistakes happen and just a hint of guidance will do the trick.

But what about when Children break the rules and don’t listen? Positive Discipline can help.

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First Step Family Support Center

Full-Time PCAP Advocate/Case Manager (pdf) Full-time position with Parent Child Assistance Program (PCAP). Starting wage is $17.00 per hour/40 hours per week.  We offher sick and vacation pay along with a medical reimbursement program that will pay up to $3,600 per year for medical expenses. All applicants can email their resume and cover letter to

Behavioral Health Specialist (pdf)

Community Health Worker (pdf)

Public Health Nurse- Nurse Family Partnership Jefferson County
This newly expanded regional Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) Program is located in Port Angeles serving Clallam County! The Public Health Nurse position is with Jefferson County Public Health but the Nurse will be housed at First Step Family Support Center so they can serve Clallam County families and engage community connections.

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Peninsula College Early Learning Center

Early Childhood Specialist 1 - provide various childcare and educational activities for children ages 12 months to 3 years in early childhood programs and provide information to parents on childcare techniques. Positions typically work under direct supervision, performing entry-level work following clearly defined work procedures and priorities. Duties include performing classroom work such as recording enrollment; preparing and organizing materials used by children for their projects; and monitoring activities such as nap times, free time, snacks, and lunches. 

Read more here...

Lower Elwha Head Start

EARLY EDUCATION/DISABILITIES MANAGER The Early Education/Disabilities Manager is responsible for the design and implementation of the early childhood Development Program Service area for Head Start, as part of the Instructional Services unit, and in compliance with the Head Start Performance Standards. The Early Education/Disabilities Manager monitors the implementation of early childhood development services, according to the Early Childhood Development policies and procedures, and also supervises the teaching staff for the Head Start and Early Head Start. The Early Education/Disabilities manger tracks, monitors, and coordinates services of children needing special services. The job requires, but is not limited to, contacting parents during the whole referral process, coordinating with any services a child might need, working closely and keeping in continual communication with School Districts, and monitoring that the child is receiving an individualized curriculum with the IEP/IFSP goals embedded in the education of each child needing services. Regular Full-time, works 40 hours per week; 49 weeks per year Monday to Friday 8a.m. to 4:30p.m.  SALARY LEVEL: Level $20 to $26 dollars per hour

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Quileute Tribe

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